As an artist, I see the world through a lens that magnifies detail and ignites a desire to communicate in a visual way. I am most inspired by time spent in nature with my dog–especially at the summit, full of endorphins and awe, observing the immensity of the mountain-lined horizon and the natural beauty of the environment. 


The introspection embraced during many uphill walks has reinforced my innate compulsion to continually learn and improve. Through Mountaindog Designs, I am able to channel my creative energy in a way that makes a positive impact. My mission is to offer the highest quality in creative services to clients seeking a thoughtful and thorough solution tailored to their unique needs. From logo concepts to large format prints, Mountaindog Designs is geared up to optimize your vantage point, or blaze your first trail.

What can I help you pack for your next creative adventure? Contact me and let's explore.